Monday, May 15, 2017

Get Free Products to Try With Influenster

I think I may be a few years behind on this but I recently found out about Influenster and wanted to share with my friends. 

You can sign up for Influenster for free. You connect your social media accounts, complete short surveys (called Snaps), and review products. Based on how "influential" you are, you can get free boxes of products (called VoxBoxes) to try. Of course, the companies want you to try the products and then review them, post about them on social media, and share about them with (or "influence") your friends. I really would be doing that anyway if I found a new product and thought my friends would like to know about it. 

After you try a product, you can even win more products by completing more activities related to the products you tried. And of course, the more you review or post or the more activities you complete on Influenster or on the app, I'm sure it increases you chances of getting another VoxBox.

I got my first VoxBox within a month of signing up and haven't finished reviewing all the products in it yet but have been enjoying trying all the new products! 

I hope I get to try another box soon.


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