Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Local Grocery Deals 1/27-2/2/16

Here are some great deals this week at local grocery stores in the river region. For the complete ads or for store locations, click on the links below.

AG Store
Fresh Fryer Drumsticks Family Pack 2 lb/$1.00
Hickory Smoked Sliced Picnic Ham $1.49/lb
Bananas 2 lb/$1.00
Sweet Potatoes 2 lb/$1.00
Tangerines 3lb bag $3.99
USDA Select Shoulder Roast $3.49/lb
Double Luck Cut Green Beans Can 2 for $1.00
Russet Potatoes 8 lb $2.50

Renfroe's Foodland/Super Foods
Cook's Shank Portion Ham $1.28/lb
Split Chicken Breast $1.48/lb
Russet Potatoes 8lb bag $1.98
Food Club Cheese 6-8 oz 3 for $5
Freshland Large Eggs Dozen $1.00
Green Cabbage 2 lbs/$1.00
Roma Tomatoes $1.78/lb
Ground Round $3.79/lb

Vowell's Cashsaver
Family Pack Pork Steaks $1.27/lb
Whole Boston Butt Pork Roast 2 pack $0.97/lb
Boneless Fryer Breasts $1.47/lb
Campbell's Soups Select Varieties $0.88
Large Roma Tomatoes $1.39/lb
Baby Peeled Carrots 1 lb bag $0.99
Red Delicious Apples $0.88/lb
Dole Cole Slaw 14 oz bag $0.88
Yellow Onions 3lb $1.17
Jumbo Red Onions $1.07/lb
Baking Potatoes $0.43/lb
Russet Potatoes 5lb bag $1.37

Food Outlet
Boneless Pork Chops $1.86/lb
Pork Steaks $1.44/lb
Tangerines 3lb $2.91

Thursday, January 14, 2016

No Joining Fee at YMCA Expires 1/31/16!

The YMCA is currently offering a deal of no joining fee! This offer expires 1/31/16.

Visit your local YMCA to receive this great offer!

  • 14 Fitness centers
  • Indoor pools
  • Multiple gyms
  • Free group and water exercise classes
  • Free childcare for 6 weeks to age 6 while you work out
  • Free enrichment activities for children ages 7 to 11 while you work out
  • Discounted rates on swimming lessons
  • Access to world-class day camps
  • Access to state-of-the art residential camp
  • Scores of youth sports offerings

 Membership is paid monthly and starts at $25 (Youth) and goes up to $83 (Household +2) depending on household type and number in household.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Local Grocery Deals 1/13-1/19/2016

Here are my favorite deals at grocery stores in the area. For the entire ad or location info, click the links below.

AG Store
Fresh Boston Butt Roasts $1.29/lb
Fresh Fryer Thighs Family Pack $0.39/lb
USDA Boneless Porkchops Family Pack $1.69/lb
Weiss Medium Eggs 2.5 doz $2.50
Russet Potatoes 20 lb bag $4.99
Naval Oranges 4lb bag $3.00
Tomatoes 3 pk $1.49
Sweet Potatoes $0.50/lb
Starkist Chunk Light Tuna 5 oz $0.79

Renfroes Foodland or Super Foods
Cook's Shank Portion Ham $1.28/lb
Boneless Pork Loin $1.88/lb
Red Delicious, Gold or Jonagold Apples 5 lb bag $3.88
Russet Potatoes $3.98
DelMonte Pineapple $1.88
Hass Avocados $0.88
Peru Sweet Onions 3lb $2.88
Roma Tomatoes $1.88
Butterball Ground Turkey 1lb $2.39
Food Club Frozen Vegetables 32 oz Select Varieties $2.50

Three Day Sale (1/15-1/17/16)
Fresh Spare Ribs $1.99/lb
Hormel Sliced Bacon 1lb $3.50
Green Cabbage $0.29/lb
Food Club 10 ct canned biscuits $0.50
Zesta Saltines 16 oz $1.50
Food Club Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soup 10 oz $0.44
Food Club Sugar 4lb $1.50

Vowell's Cashsaver 
Family Pack Ground Chuck $2.27/lb
Best Choice Frozen Boneless Chicken Breast or Tenders 3lb  $4.50
Yukon Gold Potatoes 5lb $2.27
Russet Potatoes 10lb $2.49
Peru Sweet Onions 3lb $2.47
Naval Oranges 4lb $2.88
Green Bell Peppers $0.57
California Carrotts 1lb $0.54

Food Outlet
Leg Quarters 10 lb $2.95
Russet Potatoes 20 lb $4.91

Piggly Wiggly/Mega Meats
Pork Chops $1.39/lb
Chicken Leg Quarters 10lb bag $2.99
Bananas $0.49/lb

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Local Grocery Deals 1/6-1/12/15

Here are my favorite local grocery deals this week! For the entire ads or to find store locations, click on the links below. Happy Shopping!

AG Store
Fresh Fryer Breasts Family Pack $1.09/lb
Pork Chops Fam Pack $0.99/lb
USDA Select Chuck Roast $2.99/lb
8lb bag baking potatoes $2.50
Fresh Green Cabbage $0.25/lb
USDA Select Sirloin Steak $4.49/lb
Coca-Cola 12 packs cans 4 for $12.00

Renfroe's Foodland/Super Foods
Ground Beef Family Pack $1.98/lb
Boston Butt Pork Roast $1.28/lb
Strawberries 16 oz package $2.50
8lb bag russet potatoes $1.98
Washington State Apples $1.28/lb
Pride Canned Veg 2 for $1.00
Progresso Soup Select Varieties 4 for $5.00
Gwaltney Pork Sausage 12 oz package $0.89
Ground beef Patties $2.39/lb
Naval Oranges 4lb bag $2.98
Red Ripe Tomatoes $2.48/lb
Food Club Frozen Fruit 12-15 oz select var. $2.50
Pinto Beans 1lb bag dry $0.68
Food Club Fruit 15 oz can $1.18
Gain Dish Detergent 24 oz $1.89
Pampers Diapers 21-37 ct $8.98

Vowell's Cashsaver
Family Pack Fresh Ground Chuck $2.45/lb
Fresh Fryer Leg Quarters 10 lb bag $3.50
Chicken of the Sea 5 oz Tuna $0.67
Always Save Mayo 30 oz $1.57
Best Choice Rice 1lb $0.39
Best Choice Canned Tomatoes $0.49
Best Choice Canned Beans $0.49
Pride Can Corn or Green Beans $0.59
Best Choice Pasta 16 oz $0.68
Pict Sweet Frozen Veg Select Varieties 10-12 oz $0.88
Yukon Gold Potatoes 5lb $2.37
All Purpose Red Potatoes 10 lb $2.67
White onions 2lb bag $1.43
Gold delicious apples $0.99/lb
Purple Eggplant $0.79/lb
Halo Clementines 3lb bag $3.97
Turnip Roots $0.77/lb

Piggly Wiggly/Mega Meats
Chicken Leg quarters 10 lb bag $2.99
Fresh Ground Beef Family Pack $1.99/lb
Boneless Chicken Tenders $1.69/lb

Food Outlet
Fresh Chicken Tenders $1.87/lb
Bananas $0.47/lb
Double Luck Canned Veg $0.46
Shur Fine Milk gallon $2.85