Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Local Grocery Deals 11/11-11/17/15

Here are my favorite grocery deals at local stores in the river region. To see the entire ads and for location information, click the links below.

AG Store:
(Prices advertised for 11/11-11/25/15)
Fresh Small Pork Ribs 10 lb box $19.99
Fresh Boston Butt Roast $1.29/lb
USDA Select Chuck Roast $3.19/lb
Fresh Baking Hens $1.19/lb
Amish Valley Shank Portion Ham $1.29/lb
Yellow Onions 3lb bag $1.50
Russett Potatoes 5 lb bag $1.50
Sweet Potatoes 2 lb for $1.00
Land O Lakes Salted Butter 1lb $3.00

McGehee Rd Super Foods and Renfroe's Foodland
Boston Butt Pork Roast $1.28/lb
Fresh Split Chicken Breast Family Pack $1.38/lb
Bananas $0.44/lb
Gold, Red or Rome Apples 3lb bag $1.98
Idaho potatoes 5lb $2.00
Food Club Vegetables Canned Select Varieties $0.50
Food Club Cheese 6-8 oz Shredded, cube, chunk $1.50
Domino Sugar 4lb bag $2.00
Bryan Spiral Sliced Half Ham $2.59/lb
 Deans Country Sausage 1lb $1.99
Sunkist Lemons 1lb bag $1.88
Zucchini or Yellow squash $1.18/lb
Red Grapefruit  5lb bag $3.28

Three Day Sale (Friday-Sunday 11/13-11/15/15)
Fresh Ground Beef Family Pack $1.99/lb
California Halos 3lb bag $3.98
Food Club 10 oz Cream Soups $0.50
Food Club 14 oz Jellied Cranberry Sauce $0.79
Niagra 24 pk bottle water $2.50
1.25 liter Coke Products $0.88
Sauers Mayonnaise $1.89
Food Club Cream Cheese 8 oz $1.00
Food Club Whipped Topping 8 oz $0.79

Vowell's Cashsaver:
10 lb bag Fryer Leg Quarters $0.33/lb
Sugardale Smoked Shand Portion Ham $0.89/lb
Wrights' Stack Pack Sliced Bacon 40 oz $8.99
Sunflower Flour or Corn Meal 5lb bag $1.75
Tombstone Pizza Select Varieties $2.99
Halos Seedless Clementines 3lb bag $4.50
Red Delicious Apples $0.89/lb
Golden Delicious Apples $0.99/lb
Russet Potatoes 8lb bag $2.59
Medium Yellow Onions 3lb $1.07
All Purpose Red Potatoes 5lb bag $1.39
California Naval Oranges 8 lb bag $5.99

Food Outlet:
Boston Butt $0.95/lb
Cabbage $0.33/lb
Chicken Tenders $1.86/lb
Russet Potatoes 8lb bag $2.97
Domino Sugar 4lb $1.98
Libby's Canned Vegetables Select Varieties $0.50
*Shur Fine Milk $2.85

Piggly Wiggly/Mega Meats:
Baking Hens $0.99/lb
Shank or butt portion hams $1.19/lb
Sweet Potatoes $0.49/lb
Gold Medal Flour 5lb bag $1.69
Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters 10lb bag $2.99

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