Friday, July 17, 2015

Local Grocery Deals: 7/15-7/21/15

Here are my favorite deals at local grocery stores in the river region this week. For the entire ad and locations, click on the links below.

AG Store
USDA Select Shoulder Roast $3.59/lb
Fresh Fryer Jumbo Wings Family Pack $1.99/lb
USDA Fresh Ground Beef Family Pack $2.39/lb
Russet Baking Potatoes 20 lb bag $3.99
Fresh Peaches $0.99/lb
Red and White Seedless Grapes $1.99/lb
Libby's Canned Corn, Peas and Beans $0.50

McGehee Rd Super Foods and Renfroe's Foodland
Fresh whole fryer chicken $1.28/lb
Quarter loin pork chops $1.68/lb
Iceberg lettuce $0.98 each
Russet potatoes 5 lb bag $1.28
Green cabbage 3 lbs for $0.98
Red, McIntosh or Gala Michigan Apples 3 lb bag $2.50
Fresh Ground Round $3.99/lb
Gwaltney Jumbo Franks 1lb pkg $0.99
Yellow or Zucchini Squash $0.99/lb
White Onions 2lb bag $1.50
Green Onions Bunch $0.44
Hass Avocados $0.88
Food Club Frozen Vegetables 32 oz bag select varieties $2.50

3 Day Sale (Fri-Sun 7/17-7/18)
 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 1.88/lb
Boston Butt Pork Roast 2 pack $0.99/lb
Conecuh Sausage 1lb 3 for $10
Red or White Seedless Grapes $1.49/lb
Kraft Mayo Miracle Whip 30 oz $2.99
Kraft Cheese Singles 16 oz $2.50
Doritos 11 oz $2.00
Hickory Smoked Sliced Bacon 10 lb box $14.99
Food Club orange juice gallon $2.50
Niagra Bottled Water 24 pk $1.98

Vowell's Cash Saver
Fresh Ground Chuck Family Pack $2.97/lb
Russet Potatoes 10 lb bag $2.17
Blueberries container $1.75
Red or Green Leaf Lettuce head $0.97
Vine Ripe Tomatoes $0.86/lb
Mangoes $0.69 each
Red Delicious Apples $0.79/lb
Red or black plums $1.39/lb
Fresh Green Onions 2 bunch bag $0.89

Food Outlet
Russet Potatoes 20 lb bag $3.85
Bananas $0.46 lb
Sauer's Mayo $1.98
Domino Sugar 4lb bag $1.98
Boston Butt Pork Roast 2 pack $0.99/lb
USDA Ground Beef family pack $2.56/lb
Double Luck canned Vegetables  Green Bean, Corn, Peas $0.46
Shurfine Sandwich Bread $0.75

Piggly Wiggly/Mega Meats
Boston Butt Roast $0.99/lb
Nectarines $0.99/lb
Green Onions 3 for $1.00

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