Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Tale of Pencil Woe or How I Found The Best Pencil Sharpener In The World

I have always loved pencils.

I prefer a pencil for my lists. (Yes, I'm a list maker.)

I always, ALWAYS use a pencil for my checkbook. I just cannot use a pen in the checkbook. It's just wrong. WRONG.

The children use pencils for drawing and school work. Obviously. 

I've had extremely bad luck with pencil sharpeners lately. Bought an electric one that we somehow managed to kill. Then I tried a old school type one but it really needed to be mounted on the wall or something and I just couldn't bring myself to drill into the wall and don't even get me started on trying to hold the sharpener and the pencil and turn the hand crank at the same time. Hashtag Exhausting.

So, we've been using mechanical pencils for a while now. Problem is we always seem to use up either the lead or the eraser. Then we have a bunch of mechanical pencils with no lead or no eraser. Ugh. We also have a whole drawer full of regular pencils in various states of unsharpenedness. I always pick up freebie pencils when we go to events around town.

The other day after searching for just ONE pencil in the house to use for my checkbook and coming up empty-handed I resorted to using a cheap, plastic, hand-held sharpener and ended up with this:

What in the world? Why?

I ended up peeling back the wood part with my fingernails so I could use it for my checkbook, then I hopped on the internet determined that I would find the best pencil sharpener EVER.

I actually Swagsearched "Best pencil sharpener in the world" and the internet led me to

I figured I may as well give it a shot so I asked if I could review one in my homeschool and on my blog and they actually sent me one to try! {So much happy!}

Such a pretty sharpener!

I could hardly wait to test it out! My first impression is that it's very heavy and sturdy feeling not cheap feeling at all. Which seems like a good thing to me. My kids immediately wanted to sharpen something with it and when the pencils turned out like this:

They decided we must sharpen ALL THE PENCILS.

Now I have a drawer full of nicely sharpened pencils.

A Rainbow of Sharp Pencils

I love this sharpener! I am so glad I found this sharpener and I highly recommend it. I haven't ever used a sharpener that always produced perfectly sharpened pencils and was so easy to use. I don't think I will ever buy a different pencil sharpener again. We love the little clear drawer in the front for shavings so you can see when to empty the sharpener and it's so easy to do.

Check out Classroom Friendly Supplies if you are looking for the BEST PENCIL SHARPENER IN THE WORLD to use in your homeschool or classroom.

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