Saturday, October 11, 2014

In Which The Family Goes To Toys R Us For A Free LEGO Build

Some days I think I can hear circus music following our family around. Like I'm the ringmaster of some crazy, insane circus. 

Today we went to the free LEGO Star Wars build at Toys R Us. We always enjoy these builds and it kind of makes up for the fact that we don’t have a LEGO store here (plus: FREE LEGO!) Although... we have been to a build at the LEGO store in Birmingham and you have to line up at least an hour early outside the LEGO store and wait. Like hundreds of people sitting on the floor outside the store kind of line up. So these at our Toys R Us are much better, actually. Just barely a line and the Toys R Us employees that head-up the build are so friendly.

At Toys R Us, you walk down the table picking up your pieces out of boxes that tell you how many of each kind to pick up. So we got our pieces and instructions, and my son found a spot at the table to work on his while I tried to get out of the way with our giant stroller full of twins. The babies didn’t like staying in one place for so long (and it was lunch time) so I was pulling items out of the stroller pockets, the diaper bag, and my purse for them to play with. At some point I handed Hannah my keys and thought it would be fine because surely the buttons wouldn’t be able to actually control the mini-van from way in the store...

We were waiting for Daniel to finish and I was strolling the babies up and down the aisle nearby, when I vaguely heard a store announcement over Hannah’s screeching. Something about an alarm going off in the parking lot. Oops. I grabbed the keys and pushed the panic button hoping that it would turn off the alarm.

When Daniel finished with his LEGO build (mere minutes later), we headed for the front door where store employees were standing around looking worried and asking everyone about “the van.” All I could say was “yep, that’s me.”

Turned out Hannah had pushed the panic button AND opened both sliding doors. The irony in this is that I can stand in my driveway and push the buttons to unlock the van and get NOTHING. The upside is that the alarm wasn’t still going off so apparently it had worked when I pushed the button from in the store and also, it wasn’t raining.

I closed the doors, hit the lock button and we walked down to the grocery store. Then I started thinking about how funny it would have been to see the van with the doors opening and closing and opening again and people in the parking lot watching it with puzzled looks on their faces.  

Lesson for me: Use anything but the van keys for a distraction item or park farther away.

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