Sunday, October 19, 2014

Adam Drugs Pharmacy: FREE Year of Vitamins for Kids!

Today on the way home from church, we stopped by the newest grocery store in Montgomery- Renfroe's Foodland to check it out. The building still looked a lot like it did when it was Bruno's. (I remember all the deals I got when Bruno's was closing. Good memories!)

Inside the new Foodland is an Adam's Drugs location and I while I was there I stopped to check to see if they still offered this deal and they do! I'm thinking now (cold & flu season) is good time to get the kids back in the habit of taking a multivitamin. (Sadly that post was the first and last time I picked up our vitamins. Ooops!) It's super easy to receive free multivitamins for kids compliments of Adams Drugs. Just ask at the pharmacy counter, fill out a short form and you are on your way. Every month go back, get your card punched, and pick up a new bottle for a whole year! The program is for kids ages 3-12.

Adams Drugs has locations all over the river region, so call your closest store to see if they off this service.

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