Sunday, August 31, 2014

Birthday Freebies

My birthday was earlier this month and one of my favorite things about birthdays is all the birthday freebies that I can get just for signing up.

Of of my favorite birthday freebies is from World Market Explorer. I love World Market. They have such a fun variety of items.

I signed up for World Market Explorer and for my birthday I received a $10 off a $10 or more purchase coupon in my email. You know what that means? Free stuff! 

I got the coupon a couple of weeks ago and today was the last day to use it, so I stopped in on the way home from church and picked up a few things. We were out of coffee so I got some of their coffee and also some chips and salsa (because I was hungry). I ended up paying only $3.27 after the coupon!

I think that I found my new favorite salsa-roasted tomato-yummy! This bag of chips was pretty much empty by the end of lunch today.
There are some other perks to being a World Market Explorer member like a free bag of coffee coupon when you have bought 6 bags and 10% off purchase coupons.

I found another fun birthday freebie this year, too. If you join Chappy's Deli E-club, you get a coupon for a free sandwich or salad on your birthday.
Unfortunately for me, I forgot about the club and I am notorious for not checking my email regularly so I didn't see the email until after my birthday and this coupon has to be redeemed on your actual birthday. :(  Next year I will definitely plan to take myself out for lunch on my birthday to Chappy's Deli.

I did manage to get a free Chicken Nibbler sandwich from Zaxby's by signing up for their Zax Mail Club.
It was a nice little snack while I was out running errands the other day with the babies.

There are other birthday freebies but this is just a few of my favorites. I will try to do a post later with even more birthday freebies to sign up for.

Do you know of any birthday freebies? What are your favorites?

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