Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Paint and Clay Giveaway Winner and Ramblings!

I was on the phone for an inordinately long time today with my bank. Really. Like more than an hour trying to get some online banking things straightened out and while I was on the phone I couldn't just sit and do nothing. I entered the names of all the entrants for the Paint and Clay giveaway into a blank spreadsheet. (All six of you. That's some good odds, you guys!)

Then I entered the number of entrants into a random number generator at random.org and got the number for the winner:

Congratulations to entry #6- Amanda!!!

Funny: You folks must think I am a mind reader. Because no one left an email address for me to contact them. But it's ok, here's why:
1. Because you made me realize that I didn't have my email contact info on my public blogger profile either and that may be keeping me from hearing from blog contests that I won. I fixed that problem post haste because I love to win! Seriously, I need to do a blog post one day about how much I've won because it's pretty impressive (to me, anyway.) (Actually maybe not. Gotta keep the odds in my favor. Sorry, guys!)
2. I know almost everyone that entered. (Cue the song It's A Small World) (Sorry, if you are now singing that.) (Not really.)
3. I know that I have a lot of work to do if I want to grow my blog. Because I won't be able to do more giveaways until I can be sure that more than 6 people will enter a giveaway.
4. I am a mind reader. (Ok, not really. But I did work in retail and insurance for a while and I felt like I had to be a mind reader for that.)

Thanks so much to Paint and Clay for sponsoring the fun giveaway. Please go there and make painted things with them, they are really nice and helpful. Support your local businesses people!

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