Thursday, April 17, 2014

Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas For Kids

I was looking at my Easter basket ideas post from a couple years ago and thought I would do it better this year. Here is my GIANT list of candy-free Easter basket ideas. (With categories!)

Candy-Free Easter egg stuffers (items that are small enough to fit in a standard plastic Easter egg):

Play-doh (they make egg-shaped ones for easter)
Stickers (cut sheets or strips or buy the small individual ones)
Temporary tattoos
Small boxes of raisins
Money (coins or small bills)
Small figures (like Polly Pocket or other small toys or animals)
Barrettes, ribbons or bows
Bubbles (found the small ones in the party favor section at Walmart)
Toy rings, bracelets, or necklaces (you can find these in the party favors section of the dollar store)  (Or real ones, if that's how you roll!)
For a Lego fanatic, you could buy a set and put pieces in separate eggs, then they have to find all the eggs to build the set.

Candy-Free Easter Basket Fillers:

Books or comic books or a Bible! (Or you could go bunny or spring theme or favorite characters.)
Gardening stuff-shovels, seeds, gloves, small pots to plant in.
Small Lego sets (or big)
Card games
Small stuffed animals
Character washcloths (found at Dollar Tree)
Kid-friendly music cds (We like Wee Sing )
Arts and crafts sets- (Michael's usually has bins full of $1 craft kits-use a coupon for bigger savings)
DVDs and microwave popcorn
Matchbox or Hot Wheels or other small cars or vehicles.
Fun toothbrush, kids flossers and toothpaste
Bubble bath
Coloring books
Painting sets
Flip flops
Action toys like jumpropes, yoyos, whiffle ball sets, kites, frisbees, sand toys (most of these you can find at the dollar stores.)
Sidewalk chalk
Cute cups (I saw bunny cups with straws at Target)
Bath toys
Water guns
Whistle (Only if the basket is not for my kid)
Flip flops (Summer is coming, eventually!)

Sweet treats that aren't candy:

GoGo Squeez applesauce pouches
Buddy Fruit Squeeze Fruit or fruit bites (found in the produce department but not refrigerated)
Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps (found in the canned fruit aisle)
Annies Cheddar Bunnies or fruit snacks or pretzels (all shaped like bunnies-perfect for Easter)
Snack packs of chips, crackers or cookies

And because I have two babies (who are turning ONE on Easter!) that I am filling baskets for, I've been doing quite a bit of thinking about...

Baby Easter Basket Ideas:
Board books
Bunny Ears headband
Sippy Cups
Toddler Tableware and utensils
Bath Toys
Small stuffed animals (ones that are made for 3 and under- I LOVE these Veggie Tales Beanbag Plush
Oball (this is a football but it comes in lots of styles)
Puffs (or Cheerios)
Little People (Super Friends or Disney Princess)
Bath Towels
(Or pretty much much anything that you would have bought for them already.)

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