Thursday, March 6, 2014

Grocery Store Deals 3/5/14-3/11/14

Ok, I'm going to TRY to get to this every week because it's really nice to know what good deals are going on at the local grocery stores. But I can't make too many promises. That said, this week my favorite local grocery store deal is going on. I love when the AG Store has 20 lb bags of potatoes for $4.99! I usually buy a bag and just when we run out, they go on sale again. We used our last potatoes to make mashed potatoes last week and Ta-Da they are on sale this week!

Here are the best deals at some local stores this week, to see the entire ad, click on the link. I put a * by my favorite deals.

AG Store:

Fresh ground beef (family pack) $2.59/lb
Boston Butt Roast $1.59/lb
TW Granulated Sugar 4 lb bag $1.79
*Russett Potatoes 20 lb bag $4.99
Strawberries 1lb 2/$4.00
Tomatoes 4pk $0.99
Cucumber 2/$0.89
Sunflower Self Rising Meal Mix 5 lb bag 2/$5.00
USDA Bone-in Chuck Roast $3.19/lb

McGehee Rd Super Foods:
Cataloupes $1.98 each
Family Pack Split Chicken Breast $1.38/lb
USDA Select Angus Boneless Chuck $3.48/lb
Texas Jumbo Sweet Onion $0.99/lb
Potatoes 15 lb bag $4.98
*Halos 3 lb bag $3.98
*Apples (granny smith, gold or red) $0.98/lb
Tomatoes (on the vine) $1.48/lb
Celery $0.98 each
Sliced Mushrooms 8 oz $1.58
Select Fresh Express Salads $2.28
Kraft Cheese 8 oz varieties $1.98
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing 16 oz $2.98
Starkist Tuna 5 oz $0.88
Food Club canned beans or tomatoes (select varieties 10-15 oz) $0.58

I finally got the new website for Food Outlet (thanks to whoever answered the phone at Millbrook) and the weekly ad is updated! Yay! (Remember Food Outlet is cost plus 10% so figure that in when you are comparing prices.)

Food Outlet:
USDA whole Fryers $1.15/lb
Tomatoes 4pk $0.94
Starkist Tuna 5oz $0.91
USDA Pork Fingers $1.45/ lb
*Shure Fine Milk 1 gal $2.98
USDA Sirloin Tip Roast $3.45/lb

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