Friday, February 8, 2013

River Region Grocery Deals 2/6-2/12/13

I know. I've been a bad blogger. We have had something going around our family for about a month now and I just can't get rid of this cough. I am so sick of coughing. (Plus, we are expecting twins in May and I've been soo tired.) Excuses, excuses. HOWEVER, I am finally starting to feel better and so I finally looked at the local grocery sales and I found some really good deals for you (and me) this week.

(These aren't all the deals, only ones that I think are the best. Click on the links to the store's ad to see the full sales.)

AG Store:

Fresh Ground Beef Family Pack $1.99/lb
Fresh Fryer Breast Family Pack $0.99/lb
Fresh Quarter Loin Chops $1.49/lb
Fresh Whole Boston Butt $1.29/lb
Russet Baking Potatoes 20 lb bag $3.99/lb (Super great price!!)
Yellow Squash $0.89/lb (Great Price!)

McGehee Rd Super Foods:

Ground Round $2.98/lb
Bottom Round Roast $2.98/lb
Boneless Pork Loin $1.98/lb
Split Chicken Breasts $1.28/lb
Sauer's Mayonnaise or whipped salad dressing 32 oz $1.98 (Our favorite mayo!)
Russett Potatoes 16lb bag $3.48
Cantaloupe $1.98 each
California Seedless Naval Oranges $2.48
Vine Ripe Tomatoes $0.78/lb (Great Price!!!)
Dozen Sunkist Lemons $1.88
Green Giant Baby Peeled Carrotts 1 lb bag $0.98

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  1. Mega Meats on Patton Avenue has chicken breasts for $.79 a pound.Bell peppers are $.50.


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