Sunday, May 20, 2012

Habitat For Humanity Home Store-Montgomery

I realize that I am behind on this but I just recently had the chance to visit the Habitat For Humanity ReStore. The store is located at 2216 E South Blvd in Montgomery. I had been meaning to get over there since they opened and I just hadn't. However, Tuesday my husband stayed with the kids while I took a much needed break and, well, what else do you do when you need a break?  Go to thrift stores. (Maybe it's just me?)

I was surprised because I really thought that the ReStore was just for home renovation type things but I found out that they have everything a lot of things. It's really just like a thrift store that happens to have a bunch of home renovation items.

Sure, there is a lot of furniture and a lot of paint and appliances and also a lot of plumbing things that I have no idea what they are. But there is also a whole room of books and they start at a quarter each. (Joy!) They don't have clothes or toys, though. (Thank goodness.) There is even outside stuff out back but I was already hot and didn't venture out there.

My parents bought a new (used but in really great condition and not very old) stove there for just a little over $100 a few months ago when their stove inexplicably stopped working (I think it was old age.)

I must warn you. They must not have A/C at the ReStore because it's pretty hot in therr even with the fans randomly place throughout the store. My suggestion is to go early before it gets hot outside. They open at 9 am. 

Something else that you don't find very often anymore- the people there were... friendly! I enjoyed looking around and making a mental note of what all I could find there if I should happen to need it.

You might want to make a visit and see if you could find anything there that you need or donate some unwanted items that you have around your house. The proceeds all go to support the efforts of Montgomery County Habitat For Humanity.

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