Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Win A Weather Radio (Facebook)

The Alabama Emergency Management Agency is giving away two All Hazard Weather Radios every day in April on their Facebook page.

From their page:
"During the month of April we will be spending lots of time talking about severe weather safety. Part of that will be discussion about the value of NOAA Weather Radios and other alerting systems that work inside your house. Sirens are important but they are meant to alert people who are outdoors. When you are indoors and possibly asleep and the wind is blowing you may not hear the siren. Part of being prepared is having a reliable way to know when severe weather threatens. A weather radio is a vital part of your family emergency preparedness kit.

We will be giving away All Hazards Weather Alert Radios every day in April. (Yes, even on the weekend.). We will give away at least two a day. All you have to do is answer questions on our Facebook page. NOTE: You have to be an Alabama resident to win. We will not send radios to out of state addresses."

Because of the weirdness that is Timeline (thanks, Facebook) I have trouble finding the daily posts by looking at their wall, but I can find them posted on my newsfeed.

The link to today's question is here. They usually post a link with info on where to find the answers to the daily question. Good Luck!

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