Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Park: Discovery Village At Kiwanis Park in Old Alabama Town

Today was a beautiful day for a trip to a park, so we found ourselves at Discovery Village at Kiwanis Park in Old Alabama Town. This is probably my favorite park around here. Three slides, many swings, monkey bars, climbing wall, sand box, chimes, bridges, balance beams-this park has everything. Even some covered benches for a tired momma to take a rest.

I love the area just for little kids (ages 2-4, I think is what it says on the sign). The 'little kid' area has several baby swings, a tunnel, a play house, a rope bridge and plenty more to make your kid take a great nap keep a little one busy.

My kids never stopped running so it was hard to get a picture of them. My girl loved the tire swing. I remember that being my favorite when I was little, but the one at my school was always broken.
The park is almost perfect except for a giant hole made of tires and a pole that I fear a little person could fall from. However, my big boy loves to climb down this now that he's older. This is in the 'big kid' area but my little kid loves the whole park so I try to keep my eye on this part of the equipment. I usually just find somewhere near the highest part to hang out and keep my eyes on where all the kids are. I guess you could call me overprotective.

We couldn't resist driving down the road a ways for a short walk at River Front Park before we headed home for lunch. We even got to wave at a train as it passed by.

The little ones played so much that they took an extra long nap. Nothing wrong with that.

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