Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Clearance Shopping

After-Christmas clearance starts today. Most Christmas items will be at least 50% off today. Where are you heading for the bargains? I like Target myself.

Think outside the Christmas aisles and look for other holiday themed merchandise. Take it to the scanner and see if it's clearance. You can find Christmas themed paper towels, napkins, toothpaste (yes, toothpaste-the kid's kind), tissues, candles, air fresheners, toys, games, coffees, baking mixes and candies. There are lots of coupons for things that might also be on clearance so take your coupons with you and get some great deals! These items might not always be with the Christmas items, as some may have gotten scattered throughout the store. I look at it like a sort of scavenger hunt.

At Target, check the Dollar Spot for Christmas items that should also be 50% off.

If you really want a great deal wait until around December 30th-January 1st when the price usually goes to 75 % off before you go. OR if you are like me, wait until January 4-6th when the price drops to 90% off. (Keep in mind that once the price hits 90% off, it's only a day or two before everything is GONE.)

Where do you go for Christmas clearance shopping? Any tips for your favorite store?

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