Monday, July 18, 2011

Bread Store Bargains!

I love our bread store. Mainly because it's an Arnold's Bakery Store and Arnold makes some really good (healthy) bread. I haven't been in the bread store in a while and was pleasantly surprised to find these smoking hot bargains today when we stopped in.

Hamburger and Hot Dogs buns 4 for $1! (Hello, freeze them for Labor Day cookouts!) They had lots of these, which is probably why they were so cheap. If you want them, I wouldn't wait too long to go get them, though.

Bimbo (Say it "Beembo") wheat and white bread-4 loaves for $1.98!

I don't generally buy this brand but I can't pass up the price. We had sandwiches on it today and it's pretty good. Usually I can find the Arnold's wheat buns there for $0.99 a package, too. But didn't see any today.

One thing to remember about the bread store (okay, two.)

#1: It's random what you might find. I prefer a certain kind of bread but I am flexible so when I go and don't find the certain kind, I can get what ever happens to be there. You may or may not find any of these brands there. I can usually find some variety of Thomas english muffins there, too.

#2: The prices are cheaper, the more you buy. The buns that I found today were 4 for $1 but if you buy just one, they will cost $0.50 each. Most of the bread in the store is priced that way, so pay attention.

One more thing: They don't take credit cards. Checks or cash only.

Arnold's Bakery Store is located just off the Bypass near Wares Ferry Rd. It's in a little shopping center and it's easy to miss, so let me know if you need better directions.

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