Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Montgomery Shopper

File this under “learn something new every day.”

My parents have been getting a paper in their yard for about a year now on Wednesdays. It’s pretty much all ads and includes the weekly grocery store circulars. We had just thought it was random, sort of like those ads and coupons that come in the mail. I had never thought to call and try to find more about it until this week.

This week, it happens to have an Oaktree store coupon in it for a dozen eggs for 50 cents. That’s a great deal! My curiosity was finally peaked, so I called the Montgomery Advertiser subscription line. I found out that The Montgomery Shopper is FREE. (I can‘t find a thing about it online. Trust me, I looked.)

To sign up to receive The Montgomery Shopper, just call the Montgomery Advertiser subscription line at 877-424-0007, speak to a representative and tell them you would like to be subscribed to The Montgomery Shopper.

I am pretty excited, because now I won’t have to wait to get the sale papers on Wednesday, they will be delivered to me! Supposedly, The Montgomery Shopper is also available in a rack in Oaktree and maybe other stores. I have never notice it there. Have you seen this paper anywhere?

Edited: I looked in Oaktree and didn't see a rack for the Montgomery Shopper.

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