Monday, May 16, 2011

Bass Pro Shops: Free Family Photo, Crafts, Games, Workshops and More!

Free Summer Kickoff Event at Bass Pro Shops! May 21 & 22 and May 28 & 29

Free Family Photo!

Free Games and Activities: Noon to 5 pm- Sleeping Bag Rollup, Yard Bolo Challenge

Free Crafts:
   May 21 & 28 1-4pm Make an ID Tag
   May 22 & 29 1-4 pm Make your own foil craft!

Free Kids Workshops:

May 21 & 28 1 & 3 pm
Direct me to the Compass-Make a compass to taek home and learn how to use it correctly (While Supplies last.)
At the Campsite-Overview of choosing a campsite, setting up a tent, rolling a sleeping bag and safe practices to use when building a campfire.

May 22 & 29 1 & 3 pm
Choosing and Marking Nature Trails-Learn about choosing and amrking nature trails and what to watch for when hiking.
Trees Around Us-Learn to identify local trees by leaves and bark. Kids will do a leaf rubbing activity at the end of the workshop.

While you are there be sure to check out these seminars and events for grownups, too!
GPS Basics May 20 & 22 3 pm
Kayak Fishing Basics May 21 & 22 2pm
Tent Setup May 21 & 22 2-5 pm
Fish Frying Demo w/free samples May 28 & 29 Noon-3pm
Fly Casting 101 may 28 & 29 2pm
Hiking Footwear Basics May 38 & 29 3 pm
(Appearances subject to change)

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