Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free Things To Do in Montgomery: Feed The Ducks At Shakespeare

This morning we went to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival to chase feed the ducks and geese. It's something that doesn't cost much money and it's a good get-outside-and-get-some-fresh-air activity. The only cost is what it takes to buy a cheap loaf of bread if you don't have some going stale around your house. Today, we took some really cheap cereal that no one in our house would eat.

Feeding the weird looking ducks.
We enjoyed it so much that we might make it a weekly thing. We went early (around 9) and it was really nice out. There were lots of people out running on the trails around the park. I haven't been in a while and I was just a tiny bit afraid that the geese might get a little mean, but they didn't at all. They were really friendly. After the geese and ducks lost interest, we started throwing the food in the lake and the turtles were coming from everywhere to gobble it up. We wished we had more food and decided that next time we would bring more.

Turtles in the lake at Shakespeare
The park is so nice. There are tables that would be great for a picnic. (You would probably have to share with the critters, though.) You could also take a nice long walk or run. We didn't have enough time for a walk today, but we will plan for that next time.

The duck that kept grabbing up all the cereal that we threw to the turles.

Public service announcement: When you go make sure that you schedule enough time to clean your shoes off before you get back in your car. Just trust me. Oh, and bring hand sanitizer. 

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