Friday, April 29, 2011

EcoMax Today! and Tomorrow!

Confession: I had never been to Hampstead farm before. I know, shame on me. It's just pretty far from my house. I'm so glad we went out there today. It's so cute-I wish I could pick it up and bring it home with me.

You have probably already seen my earlier post about the EcoMax event but we went out there and I wanted to share about our trip. First, make sure to stop at the entrance and pick up a booklet with a schedule and the list of exhibitors and a nifty reusable shopping bag with the EcoMax logo on it. (Sweet!)

The exhibitors are mostly set up just behind the big red barn. Many of them have free goodies like pencils, shopping bags, coloring books, calendars, lip balm and coupons. You can also buy local honey and organic grains from the Oakview Farms booth. Earth Fare was out there with snacks and you can enter to win their table full of Earth Fare organic groceries that they have on display. (I've got my fingers crossed.) We listened in on the workshop about Honeybees for a few minutes and then we stopped at the Hampstead Institute Farms booth where the kids got to plant a sunflower seed to bring home.

I enjoyed the photo album with before and after pictures of the Hampstead Downtown Farm. Very cool!

It was also fun just walking around the garden area. The kids enjoyed looking at all the plants and guessing what they were before we looked at the tags.

Tomorrow, Goodwill will be there collecting items for their stores. (There is a list of things that they don't accept so make sure to check it before you lug all your old junk out there.) There will also be a company collecting electronics for recycling. (Some items cost, so check the website before you go, again.)
There will be workshops on Honeybees, Organic Gardening, Organic Lawn Care and the Alabama Rain Barrell workshop.  I would try to check it out tomorrow, if you didn't get to go today. It's sure to be a good time and you might learn something.

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