Friday, March 18, 2011

Great Finds at the Dollar Tree- Bread, Home Decor, Educational Toys

Lately I have found some really great stuff at the Dollar Tree, of all places.

Long story long short. My Mom and Dad go to the Dollar Tree alot and they kept telling me that they were finding good hamburger buns and bread there. (I have bought bread there, it's Flowers Bakery bread at our Dollar Tree on Ann Stree, so the brands you may find are Sunbeam, Nature's Own and Nature's Own Whitewheat.) I normally buy the Arnold's whole wheat buns from the bread store for .99, so I was kind of ignoring their advice. Well, today I was at the Dollar Tree and I found a pack of 12 hamburger buns. But they weren't just hamburger buns, they were wheat buns. I was so excited. This is what the package looked like (we had already eaten some when I took this picture, sorry. Picture this, but with another row of buns.)

The package is plain, like a restaurant package. I got to looking at the only markings on it and above the date code (which says good until 3/21/11, so this isn't day old bread) it said CFA Golden Wheat Bun. That's right these are Chick Fil A buns! A 12 Pack for $1!
We had burgers with sauteed mushrooms, onions and gouda cheese tonight on these and they are so delicious.

Enough about the buns, you say. What else have you found at the Dollar Tree that's so great, Sharon?

I found these pretty wall stickers that I used to decorate over my daughter's changing table.
It says, "Once upon a time, there was a Princess..." There are other designs including alphabet ones that would be oh-so-cute in a homeschool room or even in a child's room to help them learn their ABC's.

Danny spotted these nifty little toys on a trip one night to pick up toilet paper.
Dinosaur fossil kits: An egg-shaped chunk of clay with tiny dinosaur bones in it.

Daniel had some fun chipping away at that for a good 45 minutes with the included plastic tool. (Goggles not included. Those were from Lowe's Build and Grow.)   After assembly, ended up with a cute little choking hazard artifact. (As an aside: I forgot to take a picture of the package so I found the package picture on an ebay post where someone had them listed for $5.99! You have to pay attention people. Those are Dollar Tree toys for $6.)

Have you found anything really great at Dollar Tree lately?


  1. I love Dollar Tree! But I would love even more coming to your house on hamburger night! Yum yum!

  2. Haha! They were pretty tasty and easy.


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