Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Faith Rescue Mission Thrift Store- March Mania Sale 3/23-3/26

March 23-March 26
1/2 off specially marked clothes and specially marked bric-brac.
2340 E. South Blvd, Montgomery
987 S. Memorial Dr., Prattville
410 Main St., Wetumpka
1612 Mill Square, Alex City

If you don't know how these sales work- there is usually a special color tag that is on sale. All the clothes have a little plastic tag on them (the kind that price tags are usually attached with) that denotes the price of the item. The tag is usually attached on the label of the item. For bric-brac, the stickers are different colors or the price is written in different colors. For example: all the "green tags" might be on sale one week.


  1. so, is the March Mania a sale different for the Color of the Week?

  2. The colors that are on sale change alot. I don't think they have any rhyme or reason. The last time they had a big sale it was everything. So that was easy. So, I don't have an answer to your question. I just go and check the sign at the front of the store to see which color tags are on sale. I haven't been this week, so it could be that more than one color is on sale. That would be some "mania."


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