Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alabama Cattlemen's Association MOOseum

When you go to the Alabama Department of Archives and History Museum, you might also want to walk across the street (from the south entrance) and check out the Alabama Cattlemen's Association MOOseum. (Tip: We  like to park in the smallish parking lot that is right next to the MOOSeum to go to the Archives building and the MOOseum. It's on Adams Avenue and it's across from the south entrance of the Archives-the doors with "Alabama World War Memorial" inscribed above them.)
If you park in that lot, you'll follow the hoof prints around to the front of the building to the entrance. When you go in, the first room on the right is "Adam's Room" He's a virtual tour guide. The presentation starts when you go in the room (creepy) and Adam is a mannequin with a video of a person's face for his face (creepier.) My kids aren't old enough yet to be interested in the history of cattle farming and Daniel spends the whole time trying to figure out where the picture on "Adam's" face is coming from.  This is my husband's  favorite part, though. Go figure.

Moving on from there, you follow the signs to Slim's Buckaroo Cattle Club. My kids love to dress up in the cowboy hats and boots and pretend to be in a rodeo. Make sure to go play with the giant fabric build-your-own hamburger in Slim's Kitchen.

My favorite part is the Coco the cow and the display next to her of the giant cow medicine (she's not real, but I think she was once.) Right next to her you can weigh yourself on the cattle scale. (Always handy for a reality check. Might make you rethink stopping for that burger on the way home. Trust me-you will want a burger when you leave. I can't imagine why.)
There is a gift shop where you can buy beef-related paraphernalia. But I steer (!) my kids away from that or they want to buy everything.
The MOOseum never really takes us a long time to look at, which makes it good for a quick stop or a tag on at the end of a visit to the Archives.
The MOOseum is open Monday-Friday, 8am-12pm and 1pm-4:30pm.

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